Part Bull, part T-shirt-wearing man.
1. Find a 'willing' model. The mask is sculpted on a generic face and cast in three overlapping pieces to fit all faces.
2. Apply Plastic Bald cap. The edges will be covered by the forehead piece.
3. Apply Silicone Chin Piece. The pieces are stuck with liquid silicone.
4. Overlap cheeks at jaw line and make sure the nostrils line up!.
5. Wrinkles at the nose and temples help join up the forehead piece.
6. Finish with latex ears and horns. The Horns are made by dipping strips of baby-wipes in latex and twisting them round a wire armature. Very cheap and pretty effective.
7. Leave Minotaur unattended at your own risk...



As part of the promotion for the launch of 'Wrath of the Titans' (Warner Bros. Pictures) on Blu-ray and DVD I was asked to make a Minotaur mask. I then transformed a number of different journalists; men, women and even a little boy, with pre-painted silicone pieces.  


Here is the test run.. Click the arrows or picture to scroll through and hover for some info:


Photos by Roger Whitaker